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Registration of citizens

Legislation of the Republic of Belarus provides for the registration of foreign citizens. So, coming to Belarus and being on its territory for more than 5 days, you have to register.

Aminsk.ru will help you not only to rent an apartment for a day or a long term, to rent a car, to go on an excursion or to arrange a meeting at your arrival, but also to register in Minsk and other cities of the Republic.

Choosing the type of registration in the Republic of Belarus

Registeration is necessary for guests of the capital and other regions of the country. The type of registration depends on the daily time spent in the country. What type of registration is appropriate in your case?

Aminsk.ru will issue the necessary documents.

  • Stay in the Republic of Belarus does not exceed 90 days – temporary registration.
  • Stay on the territory of Belarus up to one year – temporary residence.
  • If you decide stay in Belarus for a longer period of time and want to find, you need to issue a permanent residence permit.

Do not you want to deal with the paperwork? Aren’t you familiar with the legislation of Belarus? Contact Aminsk.ru, and the problem is solved!