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Where to rent a car cheaply in Minsk?

Usually arriving in Minsk visitors will need not only the place to state, but also the vehicle. Moving around the city by public transport is time-consuming. Riding a rented car is much faster and more comfortable.

Hiring a car cheaply is a very common service. There are many companies that specialize in it. They may have different terms of the lease, a different fleet, etc. Want to rent a car and not pay for it expensively? We can help you!

Possible options of car rent

Often people do not understand the difference between «rent» and «lease.» However, these concepts do not imply the same.

  • Lease of a car — use of the vehicle when it is provided to the client with the driver.
  • Rent of a car — in this case the customer will drive the car himself.

For those who come to the city, is very important purpose of the trip. On the basis of it you should decide what is more profitable: lease or rent. Each service has its own advantages. So, leasing a car, you will not need to have a driver’s license and be responsible for the safety of the vehicle. But renting a car, you will not depend on anyone.

How can I rent a car?

Car rent procedure is pretty standard: you choose a car from the car park, issuing contract, enter payment and deposit. Usually companies allow their customers to travel outside the city. And leaving abroad need to be agreed upon.

There are special conditions of rent. They are the following:

  • driving license;
  • certain age of the driver (usually the company quietly rent a car to person who has reached 20 years);
  • need for pledge.

Some companies may impose additional requirements. However, in most cases this is enough to get a car in temporary possession.

Great deals on Aminsk.ru

Want to make your stay in the city comfortable? Then, in addition to renting an apartment you should take care of the vehicle. We will help you choose the right car. You just need to tell us your preferences, and the car will be waiting for you on arrival! If you have questions you can always contact us by phone Velcom +375 (29) 694-00-30 or +375 (29) 655-57-54.